Spraying Nozzles solution of India from Ikeuchi Japan

Ikeuchi is one of the world’s leading Spraying nozzles and Spray Nozzles Systems Manufacturer. Ikeuchi is the trusted brand in the field of industrial Spraying Nozzles and Spraying system of India. Ikeuchi’s Nozzles produce some of the world’s highest quality for industrial solutions.

High Quality Spraying Nozzles of India

Ikeuchi always makes Spraying Nozzles with Customers, as Ikeuchi’s Fog Engineers always give importance on talking directly with customers and solve their problems. Ikeuchi wants to help Indian Manufacturer and Indian companies, to reduce their operating cost and running cost with the improvement of their product quality.

H. Ikeuchi & Co. is a commercial Spraying nozzles manufacturer that contributes to society as a fog engineering services.
"To boldly go where no one has gone before" is the company motto, encouraging the development of creative products such as the world's first ceramic Spraying nozzles.

Spraying nozzles are now used in a variety of fields, such as for washing ,Spray dryer,mechanical components or containers, distributing chemicals, Dust suppression. Preventing static electricity by raising humidity, caused by indoor/outdoor air conditioners.

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Ikeuchi has provided fog to customers for more than half a century. Throughout Ikeuchi’s history, we have provided more than 42000 different types of Spraying Nozzles to customers, responding to customer preferences & needs with carefully designed fog & Nozzle products.

Ikeuchi always believe to work with customers, by sharing the knowledge of production of spraying nozzles such as Hydraulics (Flat Nozzle, Fullcone Nozzle, Hollowcone Nozzle, and straight jet type), Pneumatic or Air Atomizing Nozzles ,Compressed Air Nozzles & Nozzles related products. Ikeuchi already supplied the Nozzles & Systems to many Indian Customers in textile,Electronics, Steel , Compressed air using industry, Food & Agriculture, Pollution and petrochemical , Automobile and Disinfection Industry. Ikeuchi’s Spraying Nozzles are the solution for indian Customer as per their needs, as Ikeuchi makes Spraying Nozzles accurately and precisely.

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What is a Precision Guarantee of Spray Nozzles?


Flow Rate Tolerance


Spray Angle Tolerance

Within 3°

Spray Angle Tolerance for
Solid Stream Nozzles

Comparison of Spray Distribution Performance

IKEUCHI’s nozzle producing flat
spray pattern with mountain-shaped distribution.

Similar nozzle from another
manufacturer with distorted spray distribution.

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